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  • Esther Ramsteiner

    After having a couple of operations on my shoulder and a numerous amount of physiotherapy, and still having pain most days, I started looking for something else. I found Wendy on the internet, she is so friendly I felt in good hands straight away.
    I was so surprised how quickly my shoulder improved. In 1 session of Emmett I had more flexibility in my shoulder than I had had in a long time. After 4 sessions of treatment, I can now do so much more. I would highly recommend Wendy.

  • Melanie

    I had been suffering from Labrynthitis (an inner ear problem which causes dizziness) for about 3 months when I first visited Wendy at the Clophill Centre (in a beautiful yurt!). The treatment is gentle and relaxing but I could tell that something powerful was going on. To my amazement, the dizziness disappeared after just one session. I’ve been back for treatment for my stiff back and shoulders and intend to keep going for regular maintenance.

    Wendy is lovely and the treatment works. I definitely recommend it.

  • Danielle Nolan

    After 5 years of trying for a baby and many visits to the doctor… One day I googled healers/natural treatments to conceive a baby. Wendy Daniels was first in the list for my area, so I called her up! She was so nice on the phone and I had confidence in her from that moment. I went to see her a few days later and had my first treatment, a week later I had another treatment, and then a third a couple of weeks after that. On my next monthly menstrual cycle I discovered I was pregnant. I now have a health bouncing baby boy! I 100% feel I only have him from having this treatment, as I’d tried absolutely everything else, which hadn’t worked! I would difinitely recommend anyone suffering with this type of problem to try this treatment, I’m so glad I did!!
    I could never thank Wendy enough xxx

  • Chris Duncan

    I’d been suffering from a loud ringing in my ear for over a week which was unbearable, went to see Wendy (who has previously sorted out my bad back and neck) after one treatment the ringing decreased dramatically, after 2 days the ringing has now gone. Words can’t describe how good this treatment is.
    Many thanks Wendy

  • Anonymous

    Bladder problems/incontinence
    Wendy has solve my problem with just one movement, amazing! I had my treatment 3 Months ago and it is still working! Wendy said it usually lasts between 3 & 6 Months. Life changer, Magic!!!

  • Gemma Thompson

    Hello. I have been suffering with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for over 10 years. Resulting in sleepless painful nights poor grip and loss of sensation in both hands. Just had my first treatment with Wendy. Very thorough professional and caring. Great results from my first treatment. Improved mobility less pain and more sleep. Can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you Wendy 🙂

  • Lee Lavender

    My Wife see’s Wendy for her back and when I hurt my shoulder at work she suggested I give her a call, Within 3 weeks I was back to normal.

  • Tracey Lavender

    After MANY years of seeing the Doctor, Physiotherapist and taking pain killers, I was given Wendy’s number by a friend,I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it ago!!! I started off seeing Wendy once a week but now 5 months on I only have to really see Wendy as and when I need too. Having Horses and a job where I am leaning over all the time I didn’t think I would ever be this PAIN FREE !!!!! Thanks Wendy xxx

  • Kim

    Hi I heard about Wendy from my sister in law after having a years treatment elsewhere, I went to Wendy to have Bowen treatment and feel much more movement in my neck than I have in the last two years thank you very much Wendy!

  • Kay Kemble

    I have been suffering for 6 years with a prolapsed disc in my spine(L4/5)which is touching on my sciatic nerve. I have had various treatment over the years including 4 spinal injections, 1 discogram, chiropractor, physiotherapy and numerous amounts of medication including morphine. When I first visited Wendy summer 2013 I was in pain 24/7 struggling to do my job or anything come to think of it. Some days I could barely walk or get out of bed! I cannot believe the change in me now. My pain has greatly improved and still improving after every treatment. I cannot thank Wendy enough, she has given me my life back again. If you are in any type of pain, I can hand on heart recommend a visit to Wendy for a course of treatment. Thank you Wendy. I am, for the first New Year in a long time, looking forward to the year ahead!

  • Nishani Philomina

    I had an accident at work… a metal bar fell on to my leg and my leg was swollen. I met Wendy that evening and I told her what happened… she just touched my leg a few times and the pain was completely gone within a few seconds… it was a miracle. I had to go by tube to the other side of London and I managed to walk without any problems.
    Thank you very much Wendy
    Nishani Philomina

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