Neck/Shoulder Problems

“I first sought Wendy’s help having suffered extremely painful muscle spasms in my back for 20 years.These spasms then spread into my neck and shoulders, which often resulted in my right shoulder rising up and my head tilting over to the right- my right shoulder and right ear often being almost locked together.After the first few treatments there was a big improvement in both pain levels and movement. As I continued with the treatment these muscle spasms greatly lessened and now as and when they occur, Wendy comes to treat me and I enjoy immediate and almost total relief in just one session.If I didn’t know better I’d say Wendy had magic hands!”



“I was recommended by a friend to contact Wendy Daniels and seek Bowen therapy for the pain that affected my neck, down the right shoulder, arm and hand.I told Wendy that I had experienced pain in my right shoulder and upper arm since breaking my wrist and hand in a fall several years ago.Having taken copious notes Wendy advised that it may take several sessions before it would feel better as she felt the injury was historic.When I attended for my first appointment the pain was severe and I think she could see the pain I was in.Whilst sitting talking to her about what I thought was a trapped nerve I had to cradle my right arm to try and hold it in a position that lessened the agony. When at home I often put the arm in a sling. At this time I was unable to lay flat and hence had spent several weeks trying to sleep propped up by pillows if in bed or by cushions if on the sofa. I was also taking numerous pain killers. I had also discovered I had a high blood pressure problem and hence could only take Paracetamol – which had little effect on the severe pain.I was also unable to lie flat on my back for part of the therapy and had to sit up in a chair – again constantly cradling the right arm to ease the pain. The pain, and the tingling sensation would travel from the neck, down my right arm and hand.After the second session I began to feel less pain and was able to move the arm. Light exercise helped and I was able to reduce the number of painkillers.Following the next couple of sessions I was feeling so much better. It was still hurting but I was feeling so much better. It was still hurting but I was no longer in agony.The pain in my neck and shoulder had gone and was now only in my arm and hand. The feeling is now more like ‘it feels bruised’ and very rarely is there any tingling sensation down the arm and hand. I am no longer taking painkillersWhilst I have read the leaflet about Bowen Treatment I profess I do not understand how it works – I just know that it does.

I am so grateful to Wendy Daniels for her help and support”




I sought Bowen treatment as this was recommended by a friend who is also a Bowen practitioner  ( I had been a case study for my friend so had some knowledge of it but she lives out of the area)  as I had been diagnosed with vertigo and I had also been suffering a lot of pain in my shoulder. I found Wendy after doing a google search and arranged an appointment which was within a few days.
My vertigo has gone completely and my painful shoulder has improved considerably, in fact mobility has increased a huge amount.

I have found it very comfortable being  treated by her with both Bowen and Emmett, which was a treatment I had not experienced before.

Susan Swann       30/3/15


“Hi I heard about Wendy from my sister in law after having a years treatment elsewhere, I went to Wendy to have Bowen treatment and feel much more movement in my neck than I have in the last two years thank you very much Wendy!”



“I first came to see Wendy in a great deal of pain and after her use of Bowen and Emmett therapy the pain has completely gone in my knee and right shoulder.

I was very stiff and aching.My right leg kept going numb and I was falling down, but since seeing Wendy and having therapy, I am much improved.

I would recommend her to everyone.

She is a kind and friendly person who will put you at ease straight away.”



“My Wife see’s Wendy for her back and when I hurt my shoulder at work she suggested I give her a call, Within 3 weeks I was back to normal.”