Eye Problems and MS

“I booked my first visit to see Wendy for a Bowen treatment in April 2013 following my second Optic Neuritis in September 2012 – the first affected my left eye (November 2000) and the second my right. I have partial vision in my left eye.

Problems with one eye can be easily overcome – the other one and your brain takes care of that. The fact that my second eye was now not well really shook me and it could potentially have been very life changing even just on the level of potentially not being able to drive.

After various visits to the Eye Clinic and an MRI scan I saw the Consultant Neurologist in January 2013 who kindly informed me I had MS – I choose to call is Magical Systems! A diagnosis like this does make you sit up and take notice! I have adjusted my diet (and my alcohol intake!), increased my exercise, very much restricted my use of the computer and concentrated very positively on how lucky I am and on all the things I can still do! The icing on the cake was news from the DVLA confirming, after their medical investigations, that I am OK to continue driving subject to a review in 3 years! I am so happy with that!!

I went to the Eye Clinic yesterday (5.6.13) for a further check up and am delighted to say that I did a perfect field of vision test on my right eye and the Doctor also confirmed that the sight in my right eye is better than it has ever been on my visits there! 20/20 vision! The pressures in both eyes are good, and there is no problem with my colour vision. I do have to go and have another check in 6 months but if all is stable then I will be discharged.

My eyes feel so much better and I put this down to all the self help I have put in place and chief among that is my Bowen sessions with Wendy. I am convinced that they have really helped me. It is difficult to explain how my eyes were – but after close work, or computer work there was a feeling of strain and drawing of the eyes. This has gone. I am obviously careful with my use of the computer and how long I read, but my eyes are much more relaxed and comfortable. When I do too much the eyes complain by aching when I move the eyeballs – this hasn’t happened since my first Bowen treatment.

I am so grateful for the help Wendy has given me and to have found a therapy that really helps me and would recommend it to anyone who has similar health issues. The only advice my Neurologist gave me was to take multi vitamins and come back in a year, so it is wonderful to know that I can continue with my Bowen treatments and am taking my health into my own hands (or Wendy’s) – it feels good to be proactive, and to have such positive results – confirmed yesterday by the medical profession!”


June 2013