Arms/wrists and hands

Carpal Tunnel

I have been suffering with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for over 10 years. Resulting in sleepless painful nights poor grip and loss of sensation in both hands.
Just had my first treatment with Wendy. Very thorough professional and caring.
Great results from my first treatment. Improved mobility less pain and more sleep.
Can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you Wendy
Gemma Thompson        13/3/15



My little finger on my left hand was behaving strangely when I woke in the morning, flicking as if it wasn’t in my control. Also both hands felt very painful on first moving them.

Wendy gave me some exercises for hands which I have been doing, but that first forming a fist was sometimes very painful. Eventually the hands got going as did  the little finger and then I was fine all day.

I complained of this at a Bowen treatment with Wendy 3 days ago so she worked on my hands and arms.

For 3 mornings I have woken up and not been conscious of my hands at all until I lifted the kettle to make tea! No pain and the little finger very well behaved! I feel so much better. Thank you.

Gill Tembo  17/11/14