Back Problems

April 2009 -“My name is Deborah and I am a 54 year old housewife and I care for my 2 young grandchildren whilst their mother and father are at work each day.In June 2008 I was making my bed when I felt something ‘go’ in my back. As this has happened to me before I quickly straightened up thinking I would be ok again in about a week’s time.This happened on a Saturday and we were going on holiday to France for 3 weeks on the Wednesday. so I didn’t have time to go to my GP and assumed I would get better. Also sitting did not cause me any pain so I was able to travel in comfort.Over the course of our holiday I began to experience extreme pain in my lower back but in particular in my lower left leg when standing or walking. This was often accompanied by pins and needles in my foot and across my toes. I was concerned about this but we met several other holiday makers who had at sometime suffered the same symptoms as me and they all said it was Sciatica and would take about 6 weeks before it was better. This seemed reasonable to me at the time. However the pain was so severe in my leg that I could only walk about 3 steps at a time before I had to lift my leg in the air before I could carry on.When we arrived home from the holiday I went to visit my GP. He diagnosed Sciatica and gave me strong pain killers (Co-drydamol) these made me feel very sick and dizzy but did nothing to relieve the pain. I went back to my GP and this time was given Tramadol. These were reasonably effective in controlling the pain but still made me feel very sick. I decided that I could tolerate the pain better than feeling ill all the time so did not take any more after a week had passed.I went to visit my GP again and he suggested I should have my hips x-rayed as the symptoms could be indicative of a deeper problem. This was done and the result sent back to my GP was that I had osteoarthritis of both hips and these would need to be replaced before I was 60. This was quite a shock and my GP suggested I should try more pain relief drugs whilst I was waiting for an appointment to see the Consultant. I was reluctant to feel ill again so refused further was October 2008 by now and I was still unable to walk. In fact my husband and I had a holiday and I was wheelchair bound for the week as it was the only way I could go anywhere. I had also given up being able to go to the supermarket or do the ironing or cook the dinner. I felt as though I had become quite disabled by pain.It was also in October that I saw the consultant and his registrar. I had quite a long consultation and a thorough examination. The consultant and his registrar then said that they did not agree with the original diagnosis of osteoarthritis and that the problem I was experiencing was caused by my lower back.

The consultant suggested I should have physiotherapy and a combination of drugs for pain relief. It was not possible for me to get to the hospital for therapy as I could not drive myself, or walk from the car park if my husband drove me there. It would also mean him having to take time off work, which is difficult for him to do. Also, I had my grandchildren to consider. I decided that physiotherapy appointments were not flexible enough for my circumstances. As for taking more drugs I did not want to do this as it just was not curing the problem.

I began having weekly Bowen treatment  from Wendy in late October and although progress was slow after 3 sessions I felt there was a slight improvement. After all, nothing could make it any worse. After 6 sessions there was a definite improvement and I was able to stand for longer and also to walk further before the pain began again.

Unfortunately Christmas interfered with the treatment because either I could not make the appointment with Wendy or she could not fit me in. This caused me to slip back quite a bit and I did begin to wonder if I would ever be pain free again or if this would be with me forever.

In January 2009 weekly treatment began again. This time, progress was rapid and after 6 sessions I am very pleased to say that I have no pain whatsoever. It has been a month now since my last treatment. Thanks to Wendy and her perseverance I have got my life back. I can run with my grandchildren, I can go shopping and best of all, I can get out of bed in the morning without having to worry about how I am going to get through the day.

My son is getting married on 9th May and I now will be able to dance at his wedding. It has been a long and difficult 10 months for me, and my family, but thanks to Wendy I am well again.

I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough and although I had never heard of Bowen Treatment before I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has suffered as I had.

I have not been back to my GP but when I do I shall tell him about my treatment, after all, he did say he wouldn’t recommend it as it could make me worse. I couldn’t have been any worse then I was already and feel very strongly that Bowen should be suggested as an alternative treatment to patients that cannot (or do not want to) tolerate drugs.

I will be having Bowen with Wendy (and her very healing hands) 2 or 3 times a year as feel good maintenance.”




“I was first treated by Wendy with Bowen therapy a few years ago when I was suffering with rotator cuff syndrome in my left shoulder.  I was referred by my GP for a series of 5 sessions with a conventional physiotherapist,  and his treatments moved the excruciating pain from the shoulder down the arm into the elbow and then reduced the pain to a continuous dull ache and occasional piercing sharp pains.  I then had my first Bowen treatment with Wendy.  She warned me of the ‘healing crisis’ likely to be experienced after the treatment.  True to form, I woke the next day (a Saturday) feeling like I had been in a boxing match, feeling battered and in pain all over my body.  Being forewarned, I had a restful day and drank lots of water.When I awoke on the Sunday, I leapt out of bed – the first time in several months that I had not slowly crawled out of bed, trying not to exacerbate the rotator cuff pain – and did not realise for several hours that I was pain free!  Before my next treatment the next Friday, a few twinging pains had returned but nothing to worry about.The second treatment removed those pains and I did not need any further treatment after that second treatment.  I had gone into this treatment more in hope than expectation but the results were amazing.I have very recently had both Bowen and Emmett treatment which have removed pains I have been having in my right sacro-iliac joint – a chronic condition since my 2 pregnancies 30 years ago.”




“I have been in pain with a lower back problem for nearly a year. I have 2 areas where my discs have prolapsed and some vertebrae and facet joint damage and severe nerve pain. My pain was so severe that I had to call the doctor to give me pain killing injections, had an MRI scan and was consulting with a surgeon.The Bowen Therapy you provided was very different to any other physiotherapy, massage or alternative treatments I have tried.Firstly, it was very peaceful and relaxing experience and secondly it was so light in manipulations that I was unconcerned about the treatment having any adverse effects. Finally, it works- the pain is significantly reduced and it may have saved me from back surgery. After about 4 to 5 sessions, the pain had reduced by around 80%.

I will continue to have regular top up sessions and this will be my first port of call if the pain returns or I injure myself again.

I would recommend that anyone in this type of pain tries this therapy. The light manipulations and rest periods not only seem to set up connections in the body to work, but for me, they also seemed to give my mind a chance to stop and relax and allow my body to work on healing itself.

The improvements have been dramatic and better than any painkillers I have taken in the past! I even feel strong enough to start Pilates in order to further strengthen my back and core stability.

Thanks Wendy and I wish you every success.”




“I have been suffering for 6 years with a prolapsed disc in my spine(L4/5)which is touching on my sciatic nerve.

I have had various treatment over the years including 4 spinal injections, 1 discogram, chiropractic, physiotherapy and numerous amounts of medication including morphine.

When I first visited Wendy summer 2013 I was in pain 24/7 struggling to do my job or anything come to think of it. Some days I could barely walk or get out of bed!

I cannot believe the change in me now.My pain has greatly improved and still improving after every treatment.

I cannot thank Wendy enough, she has given me my life back again. If you are in any type of pain, I can hand on heart recommend a visit to Wendy for a course of treatment.

Thank you Wendy. I am, for the first New Year in a long time, looking forward to the year ahead!”

Kay Kemble



“After MANY years of seeing the Doctor, Physiotherapist and taking pain killers, I was given Wendy’s number by a friend,I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it ago!!! I started off seeing Wendy once a week but now 5 months on I only have to really see Wendy as and when I need too. Having Horses and a job where I am leaning over all the time I didn’t think I would ever be this PAIN FREE !!!!! Thanks Wendy xxx”

Tracey Lavender