Ankle Problems

“I had an accident at work… a metal bar fell on to my leg and my leg was swollen. I met Wendy that evening and I told her what happened… she just touched my leg a few times and the pain was completely gone within a few seconds… it was a miracle.I had to go by tube to the other side of London and I managed to walk without any problems.

Thank you very much Wendy”

Nishani Philomina

“I recently sprained my left ankle which was swollen and painful making it difficult to walk and very difficult to climb or descend stairs.I was wearing a support bandage, taking Ibuprofen and considering physiotherapy.I was warned that it could be several weeks, even three months before I was walking normally and complete healing had taken place.Wendy offered to treat me with Bowen therapy and although I had not previously heard of the technique I was pleased to give it a try.Following one short treatment there was relief of pain and an improvement in my walking within a day. The improvement continued with reduction in swelling and one week following a second at a weeks interval I am now walking normally and able to manage stairs. The pain is minimal and there is very little residual swelling.I am delighted with the result as I had expected a much longer road to recovery and would certainly recommend Bowen therapy on the basis of my experience.”