“Nov 9th I was having an Indian Head massage and mentioned having had persistent itchy, sore eyes with blurry vision from an allergic reaction for several weeks. I have been taking regular anti histamines for over 6 months but this hayfever like reaction was not alleviated at all. I was given some Bowen therapy including TMJ, my eyes were clear and wide open with no itch or soreness. This lasted for the rest of the evening. The following morning the itch had returned but at a lesser intensity. For the past 3 days since then, my eyes have been a bit itchy but vastly improved on the past few weeks. I hope to have a repeat treatment in a few days time to see if further improvement can be obtained, to eliminate the problem without having to resort to steroid creams. Thanks Wendy November 18th I felt I had to write to you again about my eyes! I did not get the same effect as the previous time-my eyes were open and clear of blurring, but became a bit  itchy on the way home. However, the severity of the condition has lightened some more in the longer term. I am getting shorter periods of the worst symptoms and much of the day I do not notice my eyes, whereas before your first treatment the discomfort was constant and quite severe most of the day. I feel a couple more treatments might sort it out”



“I have always had an allergy to horses, since buying my own this has meant either practically living off anti-histamines or just suffering on whichever day I forgot to take them. About a month ago now, Wendy treated me for my allergy, ever since then I have not had to take any anti-histamines and haven’t reacted to my horse or any of the others up the stables at all. I would not hesitate to come back to her again if/when the reaction starts to come back.”



“Thank you for my Bowen to support my allergies. Having a 20 minute session took away allergic problems for about a year. I could stop my tablets, my inhaler usage reduced. Very relaxing and beneficial. Many thanks”