My treatments can relieve stress,

help unwind both mind and body.

Ease pain, relieve muscle tension

improve movement and

balances your body.

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Lovely feedback on my facebook page from Kay.

Wendy is amazing! I have had treatments for my sciatica, slipped disc, sinusitis,and various other problems and she has helped me so much.

Email from an American client of mine Patrick who comes to see me whenever he is in the UK

I have found that her technique is the best treatment I have received either in the US or Europe. To me, this lady has got healing hands! I had one treatment and didn’t have to see any other physician, or massage therapist, or even acupuncturist. Her dedication is second to none, you pay for an hour of treatment, and she’ll work for an hour and a half to make sure that your needs are met.”



                                                         SELF HELP MIGRAINE PROCEDURE

The Million Dollar Self Help Migraine Procedure By Peter Short

For many Migraines’ waiting 5 or 7 days for the next Bowen Treatment has been too long to wait. There is only one person who is Johnny-on-the spot when someone has a migraine so I have modified my system so as these people are able to take charge of their lives and live it to the full.
As this procedure is targeted at the general public who presumably know little about Bowen and only basic anatomy, this Migraine procedure is described in lay persons jargon.

First and most important is the testing procedure.
It is most important that you are able to identify that you have a migraine problem so as you know when the correction you are about to make, has been done correctly.

The Test By running the palm of your hand over your head, just above your hair, (and you have a headache or migraine), you should feel a warm spot just over the fontanel. That is the spot about half way between the middle of your eyebrows and the very top of your head. For those who can’t feel any warm spot, (and you have a headache), you may have to get another person to do the test for you. Not all but most people with a headache can feel this warm spot. Having successfully confirmed your “Warm Spot” you are now able to proceed to the “First Correction”

First Correction:
In a standing position with your feet apart, reach down to the end of your tail bone and feel the depression on each side between there and your buttock. (preferably done through light clothing or bare skin) With your middle finger of each hand (one at a time) make a slow firm dragging move up and out on a 45d angle towards each elbow. This completes the first part of the correction. You may notice a small change of intensity of your migraine or headache at this time.

Second test
By again running your hand over your head you will be amazed that the original warm spot has gone and you will now find it (about 2 inches further back) at the very top of your head. This confirms that your first moves, beside your tail bone were successful. This change usually happens within seconds so if it hasn’t changed as above, repeat stage one and wait for the change.

Second correction.
It may be necessary to ask a second person to help you with this next procedure. It involves taking each arm (one at a time) and take it as far as possible across your chest. Then giving the end of your shoulder (the boney bit) a firm bump with a closed fist towards the spine—always to the comfort of the person being bumped) This can be done by the patient if they are flexible enough but better by a second person.

Third Test
Your test this time should confirm there are no warm spots now left on your head. (Or the warm spot is getting less intense) and Drink extra water to help flush toxins from your body. For some people there is a lingering ache left above one eye or at the back of the head. This should disappear within an hour or so. ( It is sometimes good to rest for a time to let the correction work)

If you have followed the directions and felt the changes to the warm spots as described above you should now be feeling nearer to that MILLION DOLLAR FEELING
This procedure can be repeated once or twice a week or daily, to the comfort of the person concerned.

Note: All those with migraines and headaches will have the warm spot described. Many other people will also have the warm spot and no headache or migraine but usually they will respond positively to the above process.

This material should be free to the user and no financial gain should be charged.
(Signed) Peter B. Short



Had a fantastic 5 days in Glastonbury studying for my Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Masters course. Miguel Chevez was such an inspiring and humble teacher. The group all supported each other and got on really well. We had a picnic in the centre of the recently arrived crop circle just the other side of the road to Stonehenge, followed by an initiation in Stone henge itself.

The energy when I now work has magnified immensely and I am truly greatful.


Completed Emmett practitioner 1 and 2 and an Emmett teaching course to enable me to teach 11 basic moves to you good people in order for you to help yourself and family to relieve pain and tension and free restriction in movement. No stopping me now!!


 Looking forward to the 3 day course run by American Gene Dobkin who uses Neural touch ( a new way of working). It will certainly enhance the way I work.


Just been on a Smart Bowen revision Course, Fine tuned some of my technique and learn’t some fantastic stretches for neck muscles. Already used them with some clients with great success.


If you are a carer either professionally or in receipt of carer’s allowance and would like a treatment please contact me as I am able to offer reduced rates.

June 2014


On the 6th of December starting at 9PM through until the 7th of December at 7AM I did a sponsored sleepout at St. Albans Abbey in aid of the charity Lamp ( Luton Accommodation and Moving-On Project (LAMP) are a charity that support young homeless people between the ages of 16-25 to initially find them homes and then provide them with the support they need to move on to more permanent accommodation.

The sleep-out aimed to raise as much money as possible by having us all camp out in the grounds of the Abbey with just a sleeping bag – tents are not allowed and so if it snows or rains we would have gotten wet!

October 2013

Article about Bowen Technique in Saga magazine which appeared on the 17th September 2013:

 The Bowen Technique

September 2013

I am currently undergoing a study on the effect of Bowen on animal allergies and sinus problems. If you would like to help with this study please contact me as I am able to offer special rates.

Thank you for all the volunteers

January 2013

 photo photo.jpg

The Health and Fitness Awareness Stand for Staff brought together staff from across the trust to promote messages about healthier living.

Senior Occupational Health Nurse said: “From an occupational health perspective we want people to be fit and well so that they can do their jobs and so that they feel better in themselves.”

I formerly worked in Histology at the hospital and used this stand to promote the therapies I offer. I felt this would be beneficial to staff who work at the hospital as a lot of people suffer from pain but just put up with it. If you have an ankle problem for example, then that can go on to affect your thighs and your back if you don’t get it treated early. Getting treated sooner means getting healthier sooner.