Emmett Technique

What is Emmett technique?
It is a safe and simple, gentle muscle release therapy.

What does it do
It helps to ease pain and discomfort, improves body movement, balances the body and may help to restore a positive emotional state.

How does it work
The Emmett Technique is the application of light pressure and gentle switches that enable the release of specific muscle groups. This in turn allows the body to reach a state of balance.
The Emmett points are an intersection of sensory and motor points( nerves that take messages to the brain and from the brain back to the muscle). These points may have a memory or emotional attachment. Stimulation at the Emmett points makes the brain aware of three factors(touch, muscular and emotional -flight or fright. It changes pain to pleasure, anxiety to relaxation).
The switches are light and create a sensory awareness. Releasing the pressure initiates the body to respond by resetting muscle groups after trauma or strain.
In any complex system there is a specific point when the smallest input results in the greatest change, this is similar to what happens with an Emmett move.

Results can be dramatic and instantaneous with most clients recognising an improvement in their level of pain and range of movement after one treatment.

The treatment works well on it’s own as well as combined with Bowen Technique.
It can be used to enhance the treatment value of other types of muscle release and neuro-musculoskeletal therapies.

What to expect on your first visit
I will take personal details and medical history. We will discuss at length the reason for your visit including detailed history of your injury or pain.
I will then carry out an assessment of posture and range of movement before beginning treatment.
Treatment will be carried out on a couch, standing or sitting on a chair.
The treatment can be performed on loose light clothes, but it may be beneficial for some moves to be made on skin.
At times during the treatment and after the treatment you will be asked to perform a range of movements in order to lock in the work taken on by your body.

For further information visit EmmettUK.com.

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